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small dam

small dam

Postby michael handley » 12 Oct 2007, 05:41

any ideas or design for small dam, to create a salmon ladder 1.6meter high and L shaped 7 meters total lenght, to stand on rock, granite type, below an existing dam. :?:
michael handley


Postby Mizun » 04 Mar 2010, 10:50

Building dam is not an easy task. First you should calculate the quantum and force of water flow - min and max spread over 12 months.

The dam wall has to withstand the hydraulic pressure and also you have to design a gate to let the water flow out.

Thereafter you have to check the soil underneath which will be the host to the wall foundation. Depending on soild strength the depth has to be determined.

Its a long process.

wish you luck.

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