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Industrial Chain

Postby MarkCox » 04 Dec 2007, 21:40

I was recently in Pineville, Ky at a place way up on top of a mountain called "Chain Rock". In the mid thirties, a group of 50 men and 2 teams of mules hauled an old steam shovel chain, over a hundred feet long and bolted it between two huge rocks. The sign there says each link weighs over 7 pounds! Looking closely, you cannot see any welds or seams in almost all of the links. It almost appears as each link was hand made by forging with a hammer. I would like to know how heavy duty chains of all sizes are made. At Lowes or a farm store, you see buckets with new chains hundreds of feet long that I know just have to be pumped out of some really cool machine, but I wonder how different types of chains are made. i would like to see a video of this manufacturing process. Anybody know how?


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