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Removing an old Fire Hydrant

Removing an old Fire Hydrant

Postby TampaMan » 14 Mar 2009, 09:55

I have discovered three 1950-1970 full sized fire hydrants installed. The area has been demolished and no water lines are active/present and will not be in the future (it's becoming a park). I've been given permission to remove the hydrants by whatever means available.

They are too rusted to unbolt - possibly utilize a gas powered cut-off saw and remove at the water line?

Thanks for the help!

Fire Hydrants

Postby CitizenKane » 24 Mar 2009, 16:10

There pretty heavy, how you going to lift them up?

Postby Guest » 11 Mar 2010, 18:54

Did you remove them and how heavy were they? I'm also in a situation where I can get ONE but it's too big around for me to use a pipe cutter. How did you cut yours?

Postby Danica997766 » 19 Sep 2010, 07:48

Did you make this?

If yes, please explain how, have the same problem.
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fire hydrant removal

Postby Waterguy » 02 Feb 2011, 04:39

Hi, I have installed them and removed them.... you use a metal cutting cutoff saw and a jackhammer to break out the concrete thrust-block at the back which keep the high vilosity water from blowing the hydrant out of the ground.
You may want to have a backhoe with a chain wrapped around both to lift them out. or two big strong guys that weigh 300lbs and are extreemly muscular

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