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Postby Mackenzie » 28 Oct 2009, 04:02

After variuos hair trimmer bought during the years with poors results (if it has the battery it runs down fastly, if it has the wire is difficult to use beacuse it always wrap, they easily break at the first fall, after a few months they cut less, you can't find the spare parts ecc), I have decided to buy one that can last some years without these problems.
Easy to say but which is this electric razor? Or which is the best and the best brand?
If someone of you has a suggestion I would be very grateful.
Thank you
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Postby danieljones2006 » 25 Jun 2010, 12:42

I am using a Philishave from Philips. It has been working well for me since a year or so. I haven't come across any problems with Philips electric shaver.
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