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Chemical Odor

Chemical Odor

Postby Tess » 15 Sep 2006, 11:11

The new sheets these days have a slight chemical odor? What chemical is it? Where do I find sheets w/o that chemical.

You'd think if we all complained maybe they'd stop using that chemical. All my older sheets DO NOT have that smell. So they don't need to use it.

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Postby sylph2006 » 18 Sep 2006, 07:29

The smell bother me too but when I buy new sheets, I wash them first with about 1.5 times the amount of detergent I'd normally use and the smell is gone.
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Postby werty » 27 Sep 2006, 22:26

Oxygen and sunlite will kill many smells .

Which raises another thought .
We are switching to waxy laundry detergents .
The old det' works fine , but lazy ppl want
fab softner at the end but dont want to
add it , so they use a one part det' with wax !
Which limits the dirt /grease removal !
Sodium washes clothes . Sodium removes oils
and greases . If you buy a det' that has oils
or waxes , the sodium CANT remove dirt /oil/grease
cause its saturated allready .

Wash in powdered det' and dry in sunlite and
it will lose its smell and its body oils /greases .
THEN add softner .
Phosphates grow too much algae , so its not green !
ha ha get it ? Sodium is everywhere , so its green .

Bleach ( sodium hypochlorite 5% )
is sodium + clorine + oxygen
. Pool C' works fine , but dilute it to 5% then
dilute again to your "normal" dilution .
wont harm clothes and is far cheaper !
At the lower cost , you can add it to every
wash . Bleach can kill smells
Pool acid is Muriatic/HCL/hydrogen chloride / Stomach
acid , but NOT at same concentration as stomach .

Vinegar ( 5% ) is not the best for clothes .
Glacial acedic is 100% "vinegar" makes many gallons
of 5% . Far cheaper ! Photo store or chem store .
Citric acid is better than vinegar . After you clean your
laundry , you can make lemonaide !
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Chem odor from home oil burner that is the worst

Postby Learned » 14 May 2007, 08:02

in burner is a so called paper air filter.Air Filter? Mine partly burned-caused massive chemical odor in home. Infiltrates everything-clothing,carpets etc. Is indestructible. Arsenic,Formaldarhyde etc. Am still replacing all. The box that contained the filter does not identify any harmful chem. Dangerous though they may be. No number of washings will remove from clothing. Awakened me to the toxicities all around us. We are in trouble for certain. Where are our legislators?

Eugene/ New York

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