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how to make fiberglass vases?

how to make fiberglass vases?

Postby avuo888 » 10 Dec 2006, 00:33

Good day everyone,

I like to ask how to make a fiberglass vase. Can someone teach me what ingredients to use and how will it be used? thanks you very much...

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Postby stenviktor » 23 Dec 2006, 06:07

The teqchniqes vary depending on what kind of production and finish you want. The common industrial method is to produce a mold, coat it with a layer of gelcoat (giving it a high finish surface) followed by layers of fiberglass matt soaked in 2component polester.

If you are only to make one or a couple of units you may not benifit by going the long way around it by creating a mold, wich is the hardest and most time consuming part of the work. Instead make a 3d template out of for example expanded polystyren foam plastic (frigolit), tape the surface with thin pvc tape and cover it with a non sticking agent (car wax will work). Now you have a "plugg". Soak fiberglass matt in 2komponent polyester (or in rare ocations epoxy) and wrap it around your plugg. You will need at least two layers, or more depending on the strenght you need. Use a roller to push out the air from the fiberglass/polyeter. You can use a regular paint roller but there are also special ones that are harder and therefor more suitable for the job. When done the polyster needs to harden. Then separate the plugg from the fiberglass. After this you can grind, bondo and paint the prodct to get the finish you like.

There are a lot of ways of doong this, but the general concept is as desribed above not to far from working with papier machie (wich you may have done as a child)

The materials are hazardous so remember to work in a well ventilated room whith protective gloves (vinyl) and a carbon filter face mask.
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