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sunflower seed shells

sunflower seed shells

Postby seedaholic » 28 Jan 2007, 16:59

does anyone know how much sodium (salt) is in sunflower seed shells? my husband eats them all the time and has high blood pressure. The only info I can find is the amount of sodium in the actual seed, but not the shell. Anyone know?

Postby shertreasures » 12 Feb 2007, 05:54

the seed has very little salt if any the shell if salted is covered in salt and baked

Postby Pre-doc » 18 Jul 2007, 19:42

Seedaholic, the sodium content on the back of salted sunflower seed is, in fact, only a measure of the kernal itself, and gives you the impression that snack is low in sodium, as you have mentioned. If your husband has high blood pressure, please persuade him to stop the sunflower seeds altogether, as only a handful of seeds contains almost 100% of your RDA of sodium. Try to convince him to switch to Low Sodium seeds or better yet, un-salted seeds, as these are truly low in sodium and very healthy, as they are high in omega 3's, protein, and potassium!

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