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Wasn't the baseball 'enhanced' in the 1990s to...

Wasn't the baseball 'enhanced' in the 1990s to...

Postby dude » 30 Jul 2007, 18:18

generate more interest in the game? The [i]juiced-up balls[/i] caused more home runs and thereby got more warm bodies in the seats. I saw on the CBS evening news where the core of the basball was made larger. Anyway just think of it. A lot of the players that are hitting a lot of home runs really aren't as good as they seem.

Postby Guest » 01 Aug 2007, 10:43

You are absolutely right, in Aug. 12/ 1994 there was a baseball strike people did not like that, they stopped going to baseball games, the teams owners did not like what was happening, so they had to do something about it in order to bring back the fans they juiced up the baseballs and the home runs race started specially in the year 2001, this made it possible to the team owners to regain back the fans and pay a lot more for a bleachers seat.

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